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The Consumer Technology Association, the industry group that operates CES which takes place in Las Vegas every year, announced that FCC Chair Ajit Pai would no longer be speaking at the event. The cancellation of Pai’s appearance was made known to attendees via an emailed statement. Pai was slated to speak next Tuesday (less than a week from now), however, the statement didn’t give a reason as to why Pai will be absent, and a FCC spokesman declined to comment on the chairman’s reasons for abruptly abandoning his public appearance at the show.

But I can tell you why Ajit Pai cancelled his appearance at CES: he’s a coward.

Late last month the FCC ruled to repeal the net neutrality rules which helped protect the internet from internet service providers who want to charge more to access different kinds of content, essentially creating internet fast lanes and slow lanes. To me, it’s clear: after dismantling the internet, I’d say Pai doesn’t want to show up at an event filled with people from the entire tech industry.

If your actions lead to you not being able to face the people they affect or who have differing views on, then perhaps you should reconsider them.

I hate this man.

(via VentureBeat).

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