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If you love all things tech and are a fan of Reddit, you’re not alone. Reddit has over 330 million monthly active users, and 138,000 active subreddits according to recent statistics. There are also more than 27 million unique monthly visitors to technology communities. While those numbers speak great volumes about the positive aspects of Reddit, it also means that finding where to look for tech-specific things can be a lot easier said than done. We’ve all heard of r/technology, but what else is there? Fear not! I have compiled a list of what I believe to be the best tech subreddits. If you have one to add, feel free to leave a comment!

  1. /r/Android
  2. /r/androidapps
  3. /r/AndroidWear
  4. /r/apple
  5. /r/AppleWatch
  6. /r/battlestations
  7. /r/buildapc
  8. /r/computers
  9. /r/google
  10. /r/hardware
  11. /r/ios
  12. /r/ipad
  13. /r/iphone
  14. /r/learnprogramming
  15. /r/microsoft
  16. /r/oculus
  17. /r/playstation
  18. /r/programming
  19. /r/software
  20. /r/startups
  21. /r/Surface
  22. /r/tech
  23. /r/virtualreality
  24. /r/web_design
  25. /r/Windows10
  26. /r/xboxone
  27. /r/Futurology
  28. /r/AppleEnthusiasts
  29. /r/OSXTweaks
  30. /r/Bitcoin
  31. /r/windowsinsiders
  32. /r/macOS
  33. /r/headphones
  34. /r/linux
  35. /r/macsetups
  36. /r/AppleMusic
  37. /r/audiophile
  38. /r/asktechnology
  39. /r/technologyporn
  40. /r/Geek
  41. /r/techolitics
  42. /r/pcgamingtechsupport
  43. /r/talesfromtechsupport
  44. /r/CSEducation
  45. /r/computertechs
  46. /r/networking
  47. /r/realtech
  48. /r/smarthome
  49. /r/privacy
  50. /r/pcmasterrace
  51. /r/desksetup
  52. /r/Workspaces
  53. /r/TechNewsToday
  54. /r/gadgets
  55. /r/OldTechNewHacks
  56. /r/googlehome
  57. /r/homeautomation
  58. /r/HomeKit
  59. /r/Hue
  60. /r/singularity
  61. /r/GameDeals

I should also note that I’ve created a public multireddit with all of these subreddits, so instead of subscribing to each subreddit individually you can just subscribe to my multireddit. I will continue to update and curate the multireddit as I find (or am recommended) new places.

Updated with VPN-related Subreddits

You might have noticed that one common topic of discussion in most tech-related subreddits is around online privacy. VPN services are widely believed to be one of the first lines of defense against prevailing privacy issues of our time. This guide actually got voters from reddit to rate it the best reddit VPN. Here are a handful of informative subreddits specifically relevant to discussions about VPNs:

There you have it! Our list of 60+ subreddits related to tech that you’ll have plenty of fun interacting with. If your favorite subreddit isn’t listed, drop a comment and let us know your personal suggestion. Now go explore and expand the knowledge in that techie brain of yours!

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