Here are 4 of the best address book apps for Android

Whether the contacts you keep are professional or personal, you need some system to keep them organized, or they’ll become a mess. We’ve all lost an important business contact or suddenly had to replace a smartphone only to realize we didn’t sync or back up our contact list. And it always seems to happen when we’ve had the phone just long enough to gather more contact information than we’ve kept tidy. The good news is that there are some apps out there for your Android device to keep your address book neat and protected from calamity.

Covve – The Ultimate Professional Address Book App

Covve is a robust system that can collect and incorporate contacts and data as well as integrate communications across multiple platforms into a single, easy-to-use app. It will use its integrations to organize your contacts as well as fill in details that might be missing from their profile or contact card. Supported by a web interface, uses can apply customizable notation to any contact and easily search and filter by these custom tags. Covve even provides interactive visualizations, warns you when a contact might be getting “cold” and even provides a medium for professional introductions through an extended networking opportunities. Covve’s system takes full advantage of its integrations as well as all publicly available information to automatically keep itself as up-to-date as possible, so you’ll never be left scrambling to find an important business lead’s new phone number.

Sync.ME – Caller ID and Phone Number Search

As you can probably guess, this app is useful for syncing your contact information from your PC to your phone. This app reaches into your Facebook, LinkedIn, or VKontakte accounts and pulls information from them to add into your system. Not only that but another awesome feature of the Sync.ME app is its ability to not only remember birthday information but also to generate digital gift cards, creating a simple way to think of a convenient birthday present for your friend or family member.

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Cloze – Smarter Relationship Management

Cloze, much like Sync.ME, tries to pull together all of your information and store it into one easy, broad system that can neatly arrange your contacts. The social media feature on this network was highly praised because it is also a one-system social media network. You can tweet, post on Facebook, share news stories, and more, all from the app, keeping connectivity at your fingertips. Also, Cloze adapts to your “key people,” adjusting the system so that it prioritizes their information and social media posts first.

PureContact – Your Contacts, Pure and Simple

Free on Android, PureContact is a simple system. It allows for your favorite contacts to be placed in one spot, allowing for easy access. This works best for personal interactions; family and friend numbers are most likely to be the ones that you call most often. You place your contacts onto a grid and can call, text, or email them with just a few quick taps on your screen. You can also select custom interaction with the app so that it has everything you need right there, with little effort from you. This app is for people who don’t require many contacts or a complex system of organization; if you want a clean, efficient, simplistic system, this works.

Improving your organizational skills is a must-do for the average businessperson. These apps will help you get organized and efficient without costing you much time or effort.

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