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If you are a web master who uses an Android device, you are probably familiar with the official Google Analytics app for Android, unfortunately though, Google hasn’t been as kind to web masters who use an iPhone or iPad. As of right now, there is no official Google Analytics app for iOS, however, there are some decent alternatives that I’m going to share with you.

Currently, my three favorite Google Analytics apps for iOS are Audience ($0.99), Analytiks ($1.99), and Fishead Analytics (Free).


Audience is great because it features a great, responsive, and clean user interface that only focuses on the five most important stats, making it easy to take a quick peak at your traffic and get an idea. It has barely any settings or configurations, it’s sole purpose is to display the stats.

The five stats that Audience displays are Total Visitors, New Visitors, Total Page Views, Unique Page Views, and Page Views Per Visitor. Audience makes it easy to switch between viewing different websites in your Google Analytics account, simply swipe left or right to view a different profile or site.



If you are looking for an app that offers a bit more, check out Analytiks. Similar to Audience, Analytiks offers a great user interface and two different color schemes (white or black). With Analytiks, you can get access to a lot of different information including, Traffic from Google, Twitter, Facebook, top countries and top browsers, organic vs general traffic, time on site, PC vs Mac, and referral traffic.

Analytiks can also break down the stats over the past year and provide percentage comparisons, which is great to track your growth in particular areas.


Fishead Analytics

If what you are looking for is more of the web version of Google Analytics in an app, Fishead Analytics may be for you. It provides access to almost all of Google Analytics in a nice app interface. It’s not the most beautiful user interface, but it’ll get the job done — and it’s free (ad supported, you can remove the ads with an in-app purchase of $0.99).

With the ability to easily adjust the date range (can even do an hourly break down) for the stats you want to view, you can check out visitors, page views, bounce rate, and more. In the end, Fishead Analytics is a fully-featured free Google Analytics app, that will allow you to analyze almost every aspect of your website’s traffic.


What’s the best solution

Well, currently, there really isn’t one perfect Google Analytics app that I can recommend for iOS. However, I’m always on the lookout for a better Google Analytics apps, so I’ll definitely keep everyone posted once I find (if I ever do) the perfect one, but until then, I’d definitely recommend downloading all three of these and using them for your various needs.

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