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Christmas has come and gone, but one thing is clear, if you follow the tweets — the iPad reigned supreme this year. A reddit user took a 24-hour sample of tweets starting on Christmas Eve by gathering all the tweets that mention being the first tweet from a new tablet, such as, “first tweet from my [insert tablet].”

The results?

The iPad (including the iPad mini) was mentioned in a little over 7 times as many tweets as the next most mentioned tablet, the Amazon Kindle line of products.

There were 1,795 tweets from people who said it was there first tweet from their shiny new Apple product, 250 tweets from people who were first tweeting from their Kindle’s, 100 tweets from people first tweeting from their Google Nexus devices, and a mere 36 tweets from people who mentioned first tweeting from their Microsoft Surface.

Are you surprised? I’m not. I mean, just look at the Apple Store and Microsoft Store on Black Friday — one is clearly packed, the other… not so much. And while I understand this is not the most concrete study, I find it hard to believe that it’s not at least somewhat representative.

Ipad tweets on christmas

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