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I recently received my new Belkin UPS (Uninterpretable Power Supply) to replace my current Belkin UPS. This one is 1500VA – 830Watts and should be able to power my Mac Pro and 24″ monitor(s) long enough to allow me to shut down properly when the power goes out.

The main purpose of a UPS device is twofold.  First of all, a UPS contains a battery inside of it which is designed to keep your computer running long enough for you to be able to shut down your computer(s) when and if the power goes out.  If you do not have a UPS I recommend you buy one, they are extremely important to have, especially if you have a desktop PC.  The second reason you should have a UPS device is because electronics are sensitive to power fluctuations (normal voltage is typically 110-120 volts) and large amount of fluctuations (such as brown outs or power outages) in power can fry the circuitry.

A lot of the time people think a surge protector can keep their computers safe from damage – they can, but only to a certain degree. When you start to experience brown outs and/or outages, these surge protectors (especially cheap/low grade ones) will not protect your expensive electronic equipment. I believe everyone should look into buying a UPS device for their computer(s) and electronics. It is a great investment which lasts years and will protect your larger investment (your computer). In most cases, the UPS will outlast your computers life cycle and can even be used for computers you may purchase later on.

I should also note that the amount of VA’s and Watt’s you should look for in a UPS vary depending on your computer’s hardware and what else you plan to plug into the device such as a monitor. Most sites such as APC’s and Belkin’s have tools which will tell you what UPS will be right for your setup.

Other recommended UPS’ can be found here:

Belkin UPS (550VA)
Tripp Lite UPS (1000VA)

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