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Artisan Mobile, which has changed the app landscape by allowing non-techie product managers to publish changes within their native app without having to resubmit them to the app store or write code, has updated its platform to allow companies to create campaigns within a native mobile app, allowing push notifications, content publication, and other tools.

Up until recently, if a company wanted to create a campaign or understand their customers with analytics, they had to buy individual products to support just push messaging or basic analytics.  Artisan’s Mobile Experience Management (MEM) platform gives companies a comprehensive set of tools where they can tailor the app experience for each marketing campaign, whether it’s a new product launch, special offer, or the introduction of new content.

As part of the MEM update, Artisan has added push notifications with embedded support for message testing, optimization, and personalization.   While push notifications aren’t a novel idea (Urban Airship and Kahuna are a few of the companies in this space), building push notifications that have added value is.

“We’ve kind of done push on steroids,” said Bob Moul, CEO of Artisan.  “Most push notifications just dump you back in the app and they don’t even really tell the app publisher what you did when you went back to the app.”

Artisan’s push notifications allow companies to track what the user did after their clicked on the push or what Artisan calls “end-to-end referral tracking.” As a result, every click and swipe that you do within the app is tracked and recorded so companies can see what’s working and what’s not.artisan-campaign-summary

Another feature of their push notifications is that they allow companies to build “workflow” around the push notifications.  For example, if a user added something to shopping cart in the Rue La La app and exited before buying it, Artisan’s push will take you right back to the shopping cart and possibly present you with a coupon or free shipping in order to drive conversion.

Artisan’s platform has been attracting a number of companies, including Urban Outfitters, Mapquest, and Rue La La, because of its integrated suite approach, which allows companies to build campaigns and push notifications in one place instead of having to buy individual packages elsewhere.  The result is companies can build push notifications and then A/B test them in Artisan to see which push messaging is more effective (with all the analytics included).

“It’s all available on one platform as opposed to a buying number of solutions and each one has its own SDK which adds a lot of complexity to your app and a lot of potential for bugs,” Moul said.  “So we eliminate all those  SDK’s and all that functionality is integrated and works together on one platform. “

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