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It all started back in mid to late 2009 when Apple rejected the Google Voice application from the App Store.  Shortly there after, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google resigned from Apple’s board.  That is when this whole mobile war started to quickly heat up.  I should point out that while Apple and Google do compete in the browser market and shortly in the operating system market (Chrome OS and OS X) that this is not where the war really resides.  Also to be fair, this war hasn’t gotten nasty (for the most part).  In fact, it has been pretty tactful on both sides thus far.

I have discussed in the past about the possible pending deal between Microsoft and Apple to make Bing the default search engine on the iPhone, which I believe will lead to Bing Maps replacing Google Maps (assuming this search deal actually happens).  I also discussed the Android revolution and how I believe Google will be building iPhone Killers, as opposed to just an iPhone Killer.

Apple has also recently acquired Quattro Wireless a mobile advertising and marketing company.  Based on Apple’s history of acquisitions, they will most likely fully integrate Quattro’s technology into their products and/or services somehow with the ultimate goal of either completely canceling out Google’s mobile ads on their devices or severely minimize them by offering iPhone/iPad developers more incentives to use their service as opposed to Google or AdMob (recently acquired by Google).

In essence, Google will be the Microsoft in the sense that their software will run on the majority of the mobile devices while the iPhone, iPad, and other Apple computers will be the premium-priced products that they are today.

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