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Meebo recently launched their latest product – Meebo for iPhone.  It is a free download in the App Store too which makes it much more appealing than the $15 (now $6.99) Beejive application (which I bought and have used for quite some time).  If you are unfamiliar with Meebo it is a free online service which allows you to easily integrate all of your instant messenger protocols (e.g. AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook, etc) into one simple service.  Meebo also provides something called their Meebo bar which I have used in the past here on BestTechie to allow users to quickly and easily share content.

Nonetheless, the Meebo for iPhone app is simple to use and has a great user interface.  It requires you have a Meebo account to use (it’s free to sign up) and will automatically import all of your IM protocols configured in your Meebo account to the app which is great so you do not have to reset them up or try and remember any passwords.

It provides access to a slew of IM protocols (some I never even heard of).  They must have a list of 20+ you can configure with Meebo.  One of the major downsides of this application that I have found is that you cannot click links (which is very weird and should be added immediately as a feature).  The other possible downside is that there is no file transfer available (which is available in clients such as Beejive).

Overall, Meebo for iPhone is a solid application in its first release.  If you are looking for a free, easy to use, simple, and easily configurable IM client for the iPhone this is it.

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