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Fear not Apple TV faithful.  Despite not receiving any stage time at yesterday’s Apple iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s event, AllThingsD is reporting that according sources familiar with the matter Apple is planning to release a software update for the Apple TV next week (September 18) alongside the release of iOS 7.

The new software update will reportedly allow people who have purchased content from Apple’s iTunes store to play that content on other people’s TVs, via its AirPlay system.  This is different than the current setup in which you need to put the content you want to stream on an iOS device associated with that person’s Apple TV.  This new feature by the way adds a key piece of functionality to the Apple TV that is found in Google’s latest attempt to compete in the TV space, Chromecast.

We’re not sure what other changes (if any) will make their way into the next Apple TV update, but we’ll definitely keep you posted.  And of course, we are always listening for new rumors or details to drop about the next version of the Apple TV.

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