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Delve, the startup that has introduced a tool to curate news streams for organizations, has launched a new design of its product as part of demo day at New York Times’s incubator program for startups.  The company also announced the release of an iOS app for the enterprise news reader.

Delve has spent the last five months working, developing and collaborating in the New York Times building as part of the newspapers’s timeSpace initiative that brings entrepreneurs to their headquarters to grow their businesses.   The company was one of three startups selected and has been updating its news reader tool to give large organizations the ability to share and gather relevant data across all levels of its business, an ability that other news readers, such as RSS, were only doing for consumers.

“Other news readers are great if you want to see what’s going on in the world today,” said Tom Weingarten, founder and CTO.  “Delve is the news reader you turn to when you want the intelligence that will make you better at your job.”


The genius of Delve is that it actually helps you find news you need to do your job by not only combing the web for relevant news, but also picking up on social signals from other individuals within the organization.   So if one colleague is reading a particular article and comments about it, Delve’s algorithms can use that information to fine tune the type of news it gathers.

The newly designed tool now has a larger social presence and improved content recommendations as well as better integrations with email.  Users that want to integrate Delve with an existing enterprise social platform will be happy to know that the tool works with Yammer and more platforms may be added in the future. Delve has also introduced a mobile app for iOS, which is currently awaiting approval in the iTunes store and expected to be released at the end of the month.  Look for an Android version app in the near future.

“We’ve tightened the entire user experience to make it as simple and effortless as possible to see what your colleagues are reading and share great stories with them,” Weingarten said.  “Our new iOS app takes that a step further by allowing you to catch up on the news when you’re on the train or waiting for a meeting.”

As for the next step for Delve?

“We’re hard at work now on integrating the feedback we’ve gotten into new iterations of the product, and have some great new improvements and features in the pipeline based on what we’ve learned,” Weingarten said.  “We’ve also got some great new partnerships that we’re very excited about, and you’ll be hearing more about that in the next few months.”

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