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Apple confirmed today that it will be launching their annual Lunar New Year sale event on January 10 in Asian countries. The sale event, also known as Apple’s “Red Friday” event, should see popular Apple products such as the Mac lineup, iPad lineup, and iPod lineup modestly discounted, has in the past acted as the Asian equivalent of Apple’s Black Friday sale event that takes place in the Americas and European countries.

This  comes following another big Asian event, Apple’s big “Lucky Bags” promotion, which took place on January 2nd in Japan. Lucky Bags are non-returnable bundles of discounted products sold at $345, and the content of which vary between bags and are unknown to consumers before the purchase.

The event will take place in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand on January 10th. Apple has been attempting to bolster their presence in Asian countries, particularly China, in recent years as Apple hopes that Asia will account for a more significant, growing part of Apple’s sales in the future.

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