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Today, Google will supposedly lift the veil on the new Nexus 6, a Motorola-made monster that will boast a 5.9-inch display on a blown-up version of the Moto X hardware. With the reveal to come sometime in the next few hours, a new image (in addition to one that leaked not too long ago) has come out that seems to show off the Nexus 6 – and it’s been stacked up next to an iPhone 6 Plus for comparison’s sake.

While the provenance of the image isn’t quite clear, a post on TK Tech News shows the supposed Nexus 6 right next to an iPhone 6 Plus, and both seem to offer up extremely similar physical dimensions, which probably isn’t much of a coincidence:


The iPhone 6 Plus measures 158.1 mm (or 6.2 inches) tall. As you can see, the Nexus 6 is a touch taller and wider than that. As such, the Google phablet will offer some good competition to Apple’s larger iPhone.

More importantly, however, is the fact that the Nexus 6’s 5.9-inch display is clearly bigger than the 5.5-inch screen on the iPhone 6 Plus. That means that you’re getting more display bang for your buck with the Nexus 6, along with all the advanced bells and whistles that’ll come with Android L.

Of course, this is only good news if you were waiting and wishing for a giant sized Nexus phablet. Personally, I think my Nexus 5 is about as big as I can manage – any larger and I’ll start to look ridiculous if I use it in public. I’m still holding out hope that Google will reveal a different, smaller version of the Nexus, like the smaller (but still big) iPhone 6.

When will we hear about the new Nexus 6? Apparently Google will make an announcement online at some point today, so stay tuned.

[Source: TK Tech News via BGR]

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