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Do you like to watch short, hilarious videos? Do you enjoy obnoxious headline puns? If so, this post is going to make you very happy. I’ve managed to work something groan-worthy into the header text, and Microsoft and Twitter have managed to bring a custom-built Vine app to the Xbox One.

xbox-vineWhat’s Vine, you ask? It’s a social network for video clips; more specifically, six -second video clips. The team behind Twitter created Vine as a way for smartphone users to share small videos, and if you use Twitter, you’ve probably seen Vine links pop up in your timeline.

Up to this point, Vine has been a strictly mobile experience. Now that it’s available on the Xbox One, however, Vine users will probably start seeing some unfamiliar sights. The Xbox One app isn’t just a way for owners of Microsoft’s game console to watch Vine videos — it’s also a means to share those videos, meaning we could start seeing a fair amount of six-second video game clips in the near future.

Is that a bad thing? I don’t particularly think so. Vine users got very creative on mobile with the six-second limit, and I assume those sharing clips from gameplay will do the same. The existence of Vine on the platform also offers choice for gamers, adding to the existing YouTube and Twitch apps.

And since you’re probably wondering — yes, the Vine app is snappable. If for some crazy reason, you decide you want to both go on a raid in Destiny AND watch some funny cat Vines, you can do it to your heart’s content.

The Vine app is available now in the Xbox Store. If you download it and try it out, tell us what you think by leaving a comment below!

[Source: Xbox Wire]


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