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Many are the times when people physically book for a ticket to a game or to go to a zoo. Even though times are changing and people are making use of the internet more, many people are still hung up on the idea of physically booking for an activity. Gaming, especially the Escape Room sector is one area where activity booking is becoming popular by the hour.

How NowEscape has transformed the Escape room arena

You must have heard of the Escape Room experiences or you might have gone to an escape room with friends. An escape room offers an exhilarating experience for the players and oftentimes you will want to return time and again after the first time. NowEscape has designed a platform where people who have Escape Room ideas and themes can actualize their dreams. If you have a theme that you think can become an interesting Escape Room trend, all you have to do is approach NowEscape and your idea will be displayed to the public. As an escape room enthusiast, you can book London Escape rooms at NowEscape with ease as there are many escape rooms to choose from.

At NowEscape, the experience for all stakeholders is easy, fun, and affordable. For those that offer escape rooms games, NowEscape has ensured that there are no monthly charges and your visibility is improved tremendously. Moreover, you only pay a 20% commission for completed transactions. This feature has encouraged many innovative minds to come forward and present brilliant ideas which have helped transform the Escape Room sector.

At the same time, NowEscape has helped change the way Escape Room enthusiasts play and interact with service providers in this industry. It is now possible to book and do everything else online by using a computer or a smartphone. You will be able to confirm the number of the participants and their ages without necessarily visiting the firm’s offices.

Everything is easier

There is no doubt that technology has and still continues to make things easier and fun for those who love gaming. But few thought that technology could be used to transform the Escape Room scene. As for the NowEscape, only the details of the one who is booking are a must provided all T&Cs are adhered to. The experience is even more convenient given that you can cancel a game before it starts and still get 100% refund. Escape Room players are introducing more exciting features which are meant to make playing more fun and convenient for all involved. NowEscape platform attracts a credit card fee of 3% and a 20% commission on bookings made for listed rooms. But at the same time, a myriad of free features are offered to players and service providers and this continues to make escape rooms more popular.

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