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Kodi is a home theater streaming app that is user-friendly and powerful, however when wanting to take your Kodi experience up to the next level, sometimes things can get a little tricky. Especially when it comes to deciding what kind of addons and VPNs you should choose in order to enhance Kodi’s performance.

No need to despair though, as in this article we display everything that you need to know about how to better configure Kodi, so you can get the most out of it. Here is a straightforward guide with six tips for configuring Kodi the right way.

1. Stay safe with a VPN

Before you start, it is important to get your identity protected, as Kodi being an open source app, means that you are exposed to accessing dangerous places on the internet, where you might get into trouble without even realizing it.

That’s why it is important for you to have a VPN, which keeps you safe and away from potential menaces that can hamper your entertainment experience, like being sued for copyright infringement.

2. Choosing addons

Addons represent the core aspects of Kodi, as this is the reason why this service has the power that it has. To turn your devices into a hell of a system for entertainment. However, this is only made available when choosing the right addons.

3. Know your hardware

Just as it’s important to know your software. It is important for you to get to know what kind of equipment you have, while Kodi is compatible with most of the devices and operating systems, there can be some exceptions to the rule. So make sure that your system meets the equipment requirements before downloading the app. If you plan on getting a new device all together, make sure you dispose of your old one with responsible companies like All Green, who handle e-waste disposal safely.

Also, there might be some cases in which you might need a digital set top box or Amazon Fire TV stick especially if you don’t happen to have a smart TV that is capable of accessing the internet.

4. Get an Amazon Fire TV Stick

Kodi normally runs well without any complaints on the most well-known operating systems, however it has been proven over time that Kodi works exceptionally well when combined with Amazon Fire TV stick.

There are three ways to have Kodi installed in Amazon Fire TV stick.

Option 1: Enabling the Amazon Apps option directly by installing the Kodi addon.

Option 2: Install Kodi using ADB Debugging by downloading the app on a laptop and installing the file on the Fire TV stick.

Option 3: Installing from Android phones by using apps that allows the transfer of data between the phone and the Fire TV stick.

5. Have a stable internet connection

This is key when it comes to the efficiency and image quality, as HD content is unable to be properly streamed with a low bandwidth. The good news is that Kodi has a feature that allows it to automatically limit data consumption each time a bandwidth limit is about to be reached. This ensures that the quality of the image isn’t affected due to excessive bandwidth usage.

6. Organize your content

The more the content gets organized as you want it, the better and easier it is to access. Kodi has many options that helps you create lists in which you can classify all of your content in order to easily access it each time you want to see it.

Finally keep in mind that though Kodi has been used for illegal purposes it is not our intention to encourage illegal usage and that the consumption and use of these different addons are the complete responsibility of the user.

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