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Most people think that writing is a cinch. When you tell people that you are a writer or a blogger, most of the time, they automatically think that words just flow from your brain to your fingertips, down to the key on your keyboard. However, those working as writer, bloggers, or content producers, know that it is totally the opposite. Sometimes, we might need a little bit of help to get our creative juices flowing and come up with great blog post ideas.

Must try tools for blog post ideas inspiration

You might ask, wouldn’t it be best to just wait for the juices to flow? The answer is no. Although a spontaneous urge to write produces great articles, you would never know when this urge will come. And, for everyone who blogs or writes, we all know what Google might do if you don’t keep your site active and updates. So, to help with your writer’s block, try the following tools and services to help inspire you to come up with excellent topics:

1. Social Media via Trendis

You can get so much inspiration for blog topics just by looking around social media. With so many platforms, you’re going to need a website which aggregates all the data you need. Try out Trendis. It will give you the most shared posts, videos, and links on popular social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

From the results, you can gather enough inspiration to come up with a topic for an article that’s shareable on social media. For example, if you see that different eye makeup looks have the most shares, you can try a topic like Top 5 Eye Makeup Looks To Try This Summer.

It’s so easy to use. When you land on the main page of the website, you’re going to see posts within 24 hours that have the most activity. You can even fine-tune the results you get by clicking on specific categories found beneath the header of the site. You also have the option to personalize your feed by clicking on the personalize button on the left expandable menu.

2.  Google Trends

Google provides us with a lot of services that can aid us in formulating the best topics for our site. One of those services is Google Trends. It shows you the most searched for keywords as well as rising topics on Everyone today is basically relying on Google to get them the answers they need so it is important not to ignore this tool.

To find topic inspirations, you merely have to visit the site. Per usual, Google makes everything user-friendly. As soon as you land on the homepage, you will quickly get insights into what the trends are. Just from this data, brainstorming topics of your own will be easier.

You can also search for niche-specific topics by using Google Trend’s search function. Just enter a search term, essay writing service for example, then set parameters like country, time range, category, and the kind of Google search you want to do (web search, image search, video search, etc). Once you hit enter, all of your desired data will be displayed beneath.

TIP: Play with the terms you search for. If your blog is about finance, then you can fine-tune the results you get by entering terms that are more specific. For example, instead of typing in financial management tips, you can search for financial management tips for fresh graduates.   

3. Writing Service

Since consistency is very important in blogging, you would have to make sure that you continue producing fresh content for your website. If a writer’s block gets in the way, then seeking help from professionals from an essay writing service would be ideal. Most of them can produce high-quality content in different topics at a short notice.

4. Online Forums

Other helpful places to find topics that are most talked about are online forums like Quora and Reddit. You’d have to sign up to these sites, but once you do, you’ll gain access to what people are talking about in the forums. There will be areas on these sites where the trending topics are displayed. Check these areas out and see what questions or topics people are discussing.

What’s great about forums is that they don’t just give you great topic ideas. They can also give you great content. For example, let’s say a person posted this question on Quora and Reddit: How can I get over a broken heart? Forum members will give their advice underneath the question because that’s what forums are about. You can, then, get your content from users’ suggested solutions.

5. Your Own Website

How are you going to get topics from your own site? It’s simple. There’s this content technique called repurposing. From the term, you may have guessed that repurposing happens when you use one of the old topics from your blog and make it new again.

How are you going to do it? Check your archives and your Google Analytics. Search for the most popular articles on your site then write about them from a new and refreshing angle. For example, you’ve already written about how to use Facebook for marketing, why videos are key to sharing on Facebook, and the like. You can make these articles into Your Ultimate Guide To Facebook Marketing, then link your old articles into this new one.

TIP: Don’t just go for the popular posts. Go for posts that are evergreen or timeless. So now, you have two requirements for choosing posts to repurpose: they have to be popular and they have to be evergreen.

Do you know what’s great about the items on the list? You’re not just getting topic ideas. You’re also making your future post very shareable because you have the data that shows what people like to share and talk about. We may get writer’s block from time to time, but we must remember that technology is on our side. Use the tools and services listed above to inspire and help you grow your blog.

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