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Everything wears out after a while, that’s a fact. Despite smartphones becoming more durable as manufacturers have refined the materials and processes making them, unfortunately, they are not immune to needing to be replaced. So how can you tell that it’s time to give up on your old smartphone and look for a new one?

1. The battery doesn’t hold a charge

In the past, things were much easier. You bought a smartphone, and you could easily access the battery, take it out of the phone and put it back in. This made it easier to replace it too in case it stopped working properly.

These days, however, many manufacturers create phones which are completely sealed, and access to the battery can’t be made unless you break the phone open. That being said, if you want a new battery, you will have to buy a new phone, which can potentially be fairly costly. So, if you notice the battery doesn’t last for as long as it used to, it might be time to browse the market.

2. The apps don’t work

Apps update all the time, and there are new apps appearing that have new requirements and possibly need more space. Technology is in a continuous growth, so it’s not a surprise that, after a while, the older phones won’t be able to keep up.

If you notice that most of the apps are not compatible with your smartphone model or you barely have the space to hold all of them, it may be time to look for a new phone.

3. The screen is cracked

Due to several factors, your phone’s screen might break. It could either be because it fell on the ground, or because something heavy has been dropped on it. Whatever the case, not only it can affect the visibility and functionality, but you may also cut your fingers by mistake (remember those displays are glass) which is certainly painful. If you have an older smartphone and the screen is broken, it may make more sense to start looking for a new phone.

4. You can’t download the latest operating system

Updates are important, and they are relevant if you want the phone to run properly. They also fix certain flaws in the previous version. If you’re trying to download the latest updates but they don’t work and/or you’re told your phone doesn’t support this version of the operating system, then it indicates your phone’s model is outdated. In this case, looking for a new phone is a very good idea.

5. You want a better camera

Of course, the smartphone camera is a huge selling point for many people. Because older model smartphones don’t have as good a camera(s) as newer models, if you were to get a new smartphone you would notice vast improvements in photo quality, shutter speed, and also get access to many new features such as Portrait Mode on iOS or even burst photo features.

Phones don’t last an eternity, and there will certainly be a time when you will have to sell your old one and purchase a new model. If you’re looking for a good place to sell your old smartphone, check out Gazelle phones, which makes it convenient to sell and ship your old smartphone once your new one arrives.

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