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Successful businesses constantly upgrade their processes by investing in new cloud based technologies. To protect themselves against cyber threats, enterprises use the latest cloud security solutions. They need these solutions to use an array of cloud-based tools from mobile apps to online collaboration systems. While these cloud-based tools offer many benefits, they also come with numerous risks. Companies without quality security practices suffer from data loss, account hijacking and data breaches. Assure that your practices are up-to-date and safe by reading this post on the latest cloud security trends for enterprises. 

Analyze Cloud Security Data

Businesses successfully secure their information through security analytics. Many companies invest in software solutions that acquire security-related data. Now more than ever, enterprises need to analyze the cloud security data they receive from these devices. By analyzing data sets frequently, you can easily track how effective your security systems are. You can detect unusual activity much faster when you continuously monitor your systems. Your team can act on suspicious activity quickly and avoid dealing with common cyber crimes. Prevent data breaches and maintain peace of mind by using advanced analytics tools. This is a major cloud security trend for enterprises. 

Implement Cloud Access Security Brokers

Enterprises also keep their company data safe by implementing Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions. These solutions are trending in the business world because they simplify security processes. Rather than monitoring activity yourself, CASB solutions can monitor it for you. Moreover, they secure company data across an array of platforms. For instance, CASB solutions improve cloud app security. They account for cloud service risk scores to provide the best protection possible. The top CASB solutions even send out alerts when suspicious activity occurs on cloud applications. Follow this cloud security trend to protect your business on every application you use. 

Manage Cloud Vulnerabilities

Additionally, businesses at the enterprise level need to manage vulnerabilities to achieve optimal cloud security. A great way to manage vulnerabilities on the public cloud is to update your infrastructure regularly. That way, you always maintain a first line of defense against hackers. On top of this tactic, successful enterprises also implement other vulnerability management practices. They use software solutions that continuously work to identify vulnerable hosts. Patch vulnerable hosts when your solutions identify them. Then, you can protect your information and still reap the benefits that cloud technology offers growing companies. Follow this cloud security trend to improve your strategies. 

Offer Company-Owned Devices

Several organizations also provide their staff with company devices to improve cloud security. Although this is trending, many businesses still function off of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) method. That method entails asking your employees to use their own devices for work tasks. While it is convenient, it poses several cloud security risks. You cannot effectively monitor security measures on devices when they do not belong to you. By offering your employees their own work computers and phones, you can control all cloud security settings. Keep this in mind as you track the latest cloud security trends.  

Invest In DevOps Security Tools

Finally, consider following the DevOps security tools trend. This method protects businesses from an array of digital threats. Your development team can use DevOps security tools on cloud mobile apps. These tools keep development information safe as teams use modern applications to improve processes. Without DevOps tools, you cannot fully take advantage of the latest applications that use the cloud. You can reap the benefits that the high-speed apps offer for a little while. However, once a hacker gets into your information, all of your hard work will be useless. Invest in DevOps security tools that you can integrate into your whole development life cycle. This cloud security method is trending for good reason.

In order to thrive in your industry, you need to invest in the latest cloud technologies. Moreover, enterprises need to secure their information on top tech tools in order to excel. To use the latest cloud applications safely, invest in advanced security analytics tools. Implement Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) that send you alerts when unusual activity occurs as well. Furthermore, establish a vulnerability management system so that you can maintain a first line of defense at all times. Avoid using the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) method because it increases security risks for enterprises. Provide your team with company-owned devices instead. Lastly, purchase DevOps security tools that protect your business on modern mobile apps. Follow these latest cloud security trends to use the top technologies safely. 

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