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If you loved Tim Ferriss’ new book Tools of Titans, then you will love the new book from 21 year old TED speaker, award-winning author, and good friend of mine, Jared Kleinert.

His new book is called 3 Billion Under 30: How Millennials Continue Redefining Success, Breaking Barriers, and Changing The World.

Jared himself was named USA Today’s “Most Connected Millennial”, and he’s spent the last few years meeting, befriending, and interviewing “top-performing” Millennials like:

  • Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress (also featured in Tim’s book)
  • Jake Paul, a 20 year old online influencer with over 17M+ followers
  • Karen Civil, manager of major music acts like YG and Jeezy
  • Katrin Davisdottir, the two-time “Fittest Woman in The World”
  • Nim de Swardt, the “Global Millennials Manager” of Bacardi

Jared Kleinert speaks at TED@IBM.

In total, 75 “top-performing Millennials” are featured in 3 Billion Under 30, and together they’ve started companies worth billions of dollars that influence hundreds of millions of people every single month.

Like Tools of Titans, this book teases out “lessons learned” from these top-performers. However, the goal and format of Jared’s research is different. Each person in Jared’s book has actually 3-5 pages first-hand of their own formative experiences.

They’ve also shared practical advice you can use in your professional career and personal life on a variety of subjects, ranging from how to start a business to why it is important to share your problems publicly when you’re faced with challenges, how a Syrian War refugee can find “success” even after being separated from his family and witnessing the tragedies of war, and more.

Personally, my favorite story came from Matt Mullenweg, the founder and CEO of Automattic which is the company behind WordPress, WooCommerce, and Jetpack. Matt’s story really resonated with for several reasons. When I first started this website, I was looking for content management systems to use and I remember thinking MovableType looked nice but was a bit expensive (especially considering at the time I was 13). After a few years of trying various CMS’ I decided to install WordPress (this was in 2006) and I haven’t looked back since.

I really enjoyed reading about how the philosophy behind open source has played such a large role in shaping Matt’s company. Additionally, his story is an excellent reminder that building something amazing takes time. In the book he discusses how WordPress went from having fewer users than developers (since even the project’s early creators didn’t even use their invention) to powering 26 percent of all websites on the internet in about a decade. 

There’s 376 pages of “been there, done that” knowledge for you to learn from, and because everyone profiled is only in their 20s or early 30s, we must ask ourselves: What have they done differently in order to achieve exponential success and impact in record time?

Learn more by reading 3 Billion Under 30 for yourself and get inspired to take on the world.

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