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With both Playstation 4 and Xbox One ready to launch before the end of November, now is the time to get familiar with some of the hottest accessories for each system that everyone will be fighting over. Make your wish list now so that you’ll be ready to pre-order and pick up what you need to ensure you get the most out of your next generation consoles!

Xbox One

Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2

pro-fightsticksMad Catz has proven itself a leader in peripheral world, showing its competitors what it means to make quality without completely breaking the bank. That with a strong product guarantee, and you have a top-notch reason to trust them. Following the success they had with the Street Fighter VS. Tekken fight stick, their Tournament Edition 2 FightStick, you’ll have a near-exact replica of the big box arcade joystick from your favorite fighting game. If you’re big into games like Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom 3, this stick is a must have.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO SEVEN

With memory foam cushions that block a majority of outside noise and Turtle Beach’s website offering free shipping on purchases over $49.00, the Ear Force XO SEVEN headset is the perfect add-on for any Xbox One gamer who plans on playing games like Call of Duty: Ghosts online. The Ear Force XO SEVEN also has the ability to connect directly the Xbox One controller, meaning no dangling cords between the animated gamer and their TV.

Xbox One Charge Station by Nyko

Nyko, the company known for creating rechargeable batteries for our consoles since the first Gameboy, brings us the Xbox One Charge Station. With the ability to drop and charge at any time, this means you never have to take out the two rechargeable NiMH batteries. With dual ports to charge two controllers and a release date the same as the Xbox One, this means you’ll be ready to go on launch day.

N1 Gaming Sound Bar

n1-soundbarEveryone wants that crystal-clear surround sound system for their HDTV and next-gen game console, but who has the room for all those speakers? Polk Audio has you covered with the N1 Gaming Sound Bar. With a built-in subwoofer and Polk’s patented SDA® surround technology, this slim speaker bar will be all you need for an amazing audio experience.

4 Port USB Hub

With so many accessories utilizing USB, it’s nice to have a few extra ports to charge, dock, and stay plugged in while you game. The LED light on the hub lets you know when your DreamGear hub is on and functional.

Playstation 4

BluRay Remote

If you’re shutting down the games to watch a BluRay on your new Playstation 4, the BluRay remote by DreamGear will let you take control of your movie watching while allowing your game controllers to charge between uses.

Player Charge & Grip Kit

This inexpensive accessory kit is handy for animated gamers. If you’ve ever jumped up and flailed your arms about in frustration at dying in-game, the silicon grip assists you in keeping your expensive controllers safely in your hands.

Playstation Camera

ps4-eyeIf you were into games that required the Playstation Eye on PS3, this accessory is for you. There’s no doubt Sony will have a slew of get-off-the-couch-and-move games for the PS4, and this handy little guy will make all of that possible.

Energizer X2 Charging Station

Being the coolest looking of the PS4 charging stations, the Energizer X2 Charging Station by PDP is an indispensable ally. Giving your controllers a “floating” appearance as they dock to charge, it matches the “laid back” design of the PS4 console.

EarForce P4c Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach, widely known for its quality headsets, brings us this low-priced communication device for the Playstation 4 gamer who prefers their battles online. With a slotted ear cup the player can chat without blocking out their own voice. After 35 years of experience creating audio devices, Turtle Beach is a reliable friend in the accessory market.

Accessory Wrap-Up

Trusted brands like Mad Catz, Turtle Beach, and DreamGear have been planning ahead to make sure your gaming needs are met. No matter which system you choose on launch day, stock up and be prepared with accessories that are going to help you stay in the game.

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