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IBM is a technology powerhouse that holds great weight amongst its users and customers globally. Naturally, it seems only beneficial to the industry sector that it has conquered to provide valuable guidance to developing startups who are labeled as promising or up-and-coming. IBM’s partnership program, Startup with IBM, is exactly the mentor that these startups need, offering intelligent resources and networking opportunities while enriching their development process with access to technology such as Watson and other marketplace services.

Zoom is the latest addition to the entrepreneurship program, joining the ranks of other notable companies like Gliding Eagle and Dynepic. For those who aren’t familiar with the blockchain-powered platform, Zoom works to facilitate the connection and ongoing collaboration between freelancers and virtual companies by using a blockchain ID system, artificial intelligence, and smart contracts.

Zoom is harnessing the extra level of security provided by blockchain technology, successfully building an ecosystem that supports and simplifies multistage and multi-stakeholder projects. The platform’s employment portal is a two-way street, creating a fair and trustworthy virtual dialogue between companies looking to hire freelancers and specialists.

With its new place in the Startup with IBM program, Zoom will have the opportunity to enhance its platform using the wide range of IBM technology, incorporating IBM’s data processing, IoT and AI technologies, 100+ code patterns, and cloud computing capabilities. The program will provide Zoom, and its other participants, access to a wide variety of technology usage credit, building and how-to tutorials, and technologies including Watson, and artificial intelligence capabilities.

What does Zoom hope to gain from the program, though? The goal is to work on the overall improvement of the platform’s functionality and streamline global outsourcing, enabling users to access real-time guidance, assistance, and transactions throughout the virtual hiring process.  

As exciting and technologically beneficial as Zoom’s new position within Startup with IBM is, would the company succeed on its own as a private company? Zoom’s CEO Plamen Nedyalkov explained that Zoom has already cemented its stake, and the Startup with IBM program is only helping them progress further, at a faster pace.  

“Currently, Zoom has cemented itself as the ultimate platform for designing, planning, and executing precise project management, as well as recruiting, and looks forward to integrating IBM tools and advanced technology to continue providing an optimal solution to users,” said Nedyalkov.

Startup with IBM opens access to a collection of millions of customers, partners, and developers to Zoom, as well as its other participants and partners. With Zoom’s new access to buyers and sellers around the world, a whole community of potential token investors will steadily increase.

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