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According to BoingBoing, YouTube will soon increase the maximum duration of uploaded videos from 10 minutes to 15 minutes.  While this move may not mean much to most people, it will definitely be helpful to those of you who are not YouTube partners who use YouTube as a publishing platform your content.  Obviously, the increase would mean significantly less broken up longer videos which many YouTubers have been forced to upload in separate parts.

I’m sure this will be a much welcomed change by the YouTube community.  While partners such as myself have benefited from not being subject to video length restrictions, at one point I once felt that pain.  Before I became a partner, I had to split a number of videos into separate parts.  It was especially annoying when the videos were over the 10 minute mark by only a 1 or 2 minutes.  This change may also have something to do with the recent win in the Viacom case.

BoingBoing also reports hearing something about a “15 minutes of fame” contest to celebrate the lengthened video duration, where the winning uploads will be featured on the YouTube homepage in a future spotlight.


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