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Today, technology company LG launched a teaser website for its forthcoming Android Wear-powered smart watch, the LG G Watch. The new promotional applet lets you spin, zoom and view the watch from all sorts of interactive angles, potentially satisfying your lusty technological cravings.

The watch itself was teased just last month following Google’s official announcement of Android Wear, a software branch of their Android operating system made specifically for wearable technology. In that it’s a very notification-focused device that’s designed to be linked to the phone in your pocket, the features of the LG G Watch on display here include voice recognition functionality, an always-on screen, and color customization options.


LG’s leap into the wearable pool is also supposed to be the first, if not one of the first, devices to run Android Wear, giving you faster access to your messages, sports scores, and the open Internet through Ok Google.

Check out the watch for yourself here. If you’re not satisfied, then check out our video preview of Android Wear from earlier this year.

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