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Google is expanding its 1Gbps Internet service, Google Fiber, to Olathe, Kansas, a city roughly 25 miles away from Kansas City.  But while it will only be the third city to get the Google Fiber treatment (the first not named Kansas City), it sets an important precedent: Google is serious about rolling out Google Fiber across the country.

The Olathe city council approved Google’s proposal to provide internet and TV service in the area on Tuesday, but the details surrounding the actual timeframe of the rollout are still up in the air. According to a post on the Google Fiber blog, this is hopefully the first of several announcements that the company will make about bringing the service to other cities “in the KC metro area.”

Google Fiber customers pay $120 a month for gigabit Internet and TV service or $70 a month for standalone Internet.

One word to describe how I feel about this announcement? Excited.

(Via WSJ.)

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