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As if changing their logo wasn’t enough of a shake-up for web giant Yahoo, the company announced and launched today a revamped and revitalized My Yahoo page, which is a customizable home base for all your Internet browsing activities. Well, it hopes to be anyway.

In a nutshell, the new My Yahoo page allows you to add and adjust informational widgets to your Yahoo search page, specifically for staying up-to-date on what’s important to you, like local weather statuses, stock price changes, news feeds, your inbox, and more.

My Yahoo was launched as part of the company’s substantial “Grand Slam” makeover project, which is designed to revitalize the company’s feature set and overall outward image, and at first glance appears to be largely working for them. My Yahoo did exist for a number of years prior to this re-launch, but it’s now back with a slick new coat of paint and some fancy drag-and-drop animations.


And since iGoogle is no longer a thing (and hasn’t been for quite some time), maybe it’s worth finally giving Yahoo a shot at replacing it. After all, they have been raking in some pretty impressive numbers recently. And if, for some reason, that’s still not enough to convince you to let Yahoo back into your browsing window, maybe this informative advertisement featuring DJ Clinton Sparks will be.

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