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It seems that Microsoft’s Xbox One just can’t win in the court of public opinion.

The Web is still buzzing about Microsoft’s reversal of its Xbox One DRM policies, but not everyone is in favor of the company’s decision. Since that news broke yesterday evening, blogs and message boards have been filling up with comments from relieved gamers as well as comments from those who believe the Microsoft pendulum has swung back a bit too far.

Over on GameFAQs, user TreGooda commented on one thread:

“Your victory made the system worse.”

And some on Twitter made their disappointment with the reversal known, as well:

Microsoft’s decision to require once-per-day Internet check-ins for the Xbox One left those without reliable broadband and those who serve overseas in the lurch, but it came with the benefit of keeping your Xbox One and its games updated automatically with any necessary patches. The used game system, while changing the idea of traditional ownership dramatically, also paved the way for features like a cloud-based game library and game sharing between you and up to 10 family members.

xbox-one-discSome were actually looking forward to using the cloud gaming library and game sharing features, and some even pointed out that Microsoft’s new used game system would have attached some kind of value to digital game downloads, something that doesn’t exist for Xbox 360 downloads and won’t exist for Xbox One downloads.

It’s worth pointing out, though, that those who want a “cloud library” of sorts can still have one by purchasing their games exclusively through the Xbox One’s digital game store, where titles will be available the same day they’re released at retail. The downside is that you won’t be able to sell or trade these digital downloads, but if you want to do that, you at least have the option of buying a disc-based title thanks to Microsoft’s walk-back of its Xbox One policies.

I’m curious — how many of you wish that Microsoft had kept its original DRM restrictions in place so that the cloud game library and game sharing features could have been kept? If you do, I’d love to know why. Make your case down below.

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