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Who do you think leads in social networking site usage?  If you guessed women, you are right.  Women lead in usage for Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, according to a Pew Internet report.  But that’s not all– minorities are leading Twitter and Instagram by a significant margin, the report showed.

Women dominate Pinterest. In fact, women are about five times as likely to be on the site as men, the largest difference in gender of any site featured in the Pew report. The online pinboard has attracted 15 percent of Internet users to its virtual scrapbooking, 25 percent of those are women while 5 percent are men.

While that’s not too much of a surprise (women are typically the scrapbookers of the house, right?), Facebook results showed a similar trend.

Facebook remains the most-used social networking platform, as two-thirds of online adults say that they are Facebook users.  What’s interesting is that 72 percent of women Internet users use Facebook, compared with 62 percent of men.

A gender gap is also apparent with Instagram, but more interesting is its dominance by African Americans and Hispanics. In fact, among black internet users, 23 percent use Instagram, compared with 18 percent of Hispanics and 11 percent of whites. Like Social has more information on how you can grow your Instagram.

Same goes for Twitter. Among black Internet users, 26 percent use Twitter, far outpacing whites at 14 percent and Hispanics at 19 percent. In August 2011, 18 percent of black Internet users were using Twitter.

Overall, the percentage of internet users who are on Twitter has doubled since November 2010, currently standing at 16 percent, Pew said.  Those under 50, and especially those 18-29, are the most likely to use Twitter.

Here’s the breakdown of Twitter:

Twitter Usage-Pew

As for Tumblr? Well, it’s significantly less popular among internet users than the other social networking sites featured in the report. Just 6 percent of those online use the site. It is much more popular, however, among the youngest cohort — 13 percent of those 18-29 are blogging on Tumblr.

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