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Microsoft just announced that its Windows Phone App Store has more than 130,000 apps and games – designed specifically for the Windows Phone UI and its ecosystem.  Additionally, the company noted that, “we expect this growth to continue as the number of Windows Phone 8 SDK downloads just passed 500,000 in less than 4 months from its release on October 30, 2012.”

But it’s not just apps that have increased on the Windows Phone App Store, so have downloads and revenue.  Microsoft is reporting a 75 percent increase in app downloads, a 91 percent increase in paid app revenue, eclipsing 1 billion transactions.  Plus, developer registrations are up by over 40,000 in the first 90 days since the release of Windows 8, and 15,000 of the new apps take advantage of capabilities found in Windows 8.  Not too shabby.

In an effort to continue to help developers and entice new developers to come onboard to the Windows Phone platform, Microsoft also released a new Dev Center app.  The app allows developers to track downloads, reviews, crash information, and other key metrics.  You can even use a Live Tile for the app to display the latest download and crash data at all times.  That’s pretty neat, especially if you love to monitor your own stats all the time.

Also, don’t forget that back in late-December we reported that the Windows Phone App Store saw an increase of over 75,000 apps for the year.  And here we are in February and the store is already over 130,000.  That’s not a bad start to the year.

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