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In a pattern similar to the release and anticipation of Duke Nukem Forever or the fabled new Dr. Dre album, the Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone 8 is finally upon us. With a speculated release date of October 29 for the new Windows phone, Microsoft fans are rejoicing to be able to finally purchase the device. Today it was discovered, through Best Buy, that consumers might have one more reason to celebrate: the price tag.

Best Buy’s website currently lists the Nokia Lumia 920 at just $149.99 (with a service contract) in all its various colors. Other new Windows Phone prices are also popping up through the retailer, such as the HTC Windows Phone 8X, coming in at just under $100 with a contract. But despite the rumored October 29 release date, Best Buy isn’t listing a specific ship date for either of the devices.

These prices are big news and indicate and interesting strategy from Microsoft and hardware manufacturers. First of all, the Lumia 920 has been regarded as the “premier” Windows Phone 8 to hit the market (despite the fact that it doesn’t even exist yet). The technosphere hasn’t been able to get enough of the phone and some have predicted that it will be the iPhone’s biggest rival. While that’s yet to be seen, this lower price will likely give Nokia and Microsoft a competitive advantage from that perspective. While there are plenty of Android devices for under $200, Apple has yet to release a phone within that lower price bracket.

If Microsoft has figured out how to make a winning user experience at a price significantly less than the iPhone, Apple may need to be worried. But it’s much too soon for that discussion. Let the phones hit the shelves. If people like them (and Microsoft does their advertising well) it may work–but that’s yet to be seen. If the October 29 release date is true, this may be an interesting shopping season at the year’s end.

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