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Tomorrow, Microsoft is holding a special Surface event, at which they’re expected to unveil the long-rumored Surface Mini tablet. But lately, tons of signs have pointed to even more Surface models being announced at the event. And today, there’s word that Microsoft will up the ante by releasing an even bigger, 12-inch model of its flagship Surface Pro.

Windows insider Paul Thurrott – who has previously had insights into Microsoft’s device plans – says that he’s heard from reliable sources that the company will be pulling the veil on a “bigger and thinner” Surface Pro model tomorrow. That information, combined with the earlier reports we’ve heard about Microsoft putting out new Surface devices outfitted with Intel’s faster, cheaper Haswell processors, leads him to speculate that we’ll be getting a 12-inch Surface Pro running full Windows 8.1.

For now, let’s call it the “Surface Pro Plus” until we get an official name, if it actually exists. Assuming the Surface Pro Plus can boast the same kind of battery life and performance of the Surface Pro 2, it’s sure to be a really great device. And its larger size may finally cross the threshold to make it a legitimate laptop replacement that can compete on the same field as the Apple Macbook Air, which, at 11-inches in its most basic form, is still permanently tethered to its keyboard and lacks a touch screen.

Then there’s the matter of price. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Surface Pro Plus go for about $1,100 or so, with the smaller Surface Pro models getting a price cut. After all, Microsoft just cut the price of the Xbox One in an effort to stay competitive with the PlayStation 4. Why wouldn’t it do the same for its much more important line of computers?

I’m hoping Thurrott’s info is legit and Microsoft gets us all excited about the Surface Pro line again tomorrow. We’ll be keeping a close watch on the event – stay tuned for more.

[Source: Paul Thurrott via Neowin]

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