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For Android fans, Chromecast is pretty incredible. An easy to use HDMI dongle that plugs right into your TV, the latest version of Chromecast allows users to send their Chrome browser tabs to their televisions, mirror their Android smartphone or tablet display, and simply have greater control over moving content from the small screen to the big screen. And now it looks like Microsoft is getting on the screen casting action with an HDMI dongle of its own apparently in production.

According to a post on WindowsPhoneDaily, the FCC has approved a new device from Microsoft seemingly called the “HD-10.” The device features Wi-Fi accessibility, as well as USB and HDMI connectivity – all of which would seem to point to a device designed to connect computers to televisions. The post adds that Windows Phone 8.1 has a “Project My Screen” feature that lets users send their smartphone displays to devices equipped with Miracast, a service that’s showing up on some smart TVs and projectors. It’s a short leap from there to imagine that Microsoft might want to get in on the easy streaming game itself.

It makes sense: Google has Chromecast, Apple has AppleTV. Where’s Microsoft’s easy solution? Putting out a competitor in this space is a smart move, especially as Microsoft is apparently preparing to launch a new version of Windows, not to mention a unified, simplified mobile OS that combines Windows Phone and Windows RT. Why should Android and iOS users get to have all the screen-casting fun?

The post also adds that Microsoft is holding a Lumia-focused event on September 4, at which we may hear something more official about this device. Sounds like Microsoft’s making a lot of smart moves regarding its OS and mobile presence lately.

[Source: WindowsPhoneDaily]

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