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The big question at the moment for those who use Instagram to market their business is whether to switch to the Instagram business account or not. Converting your account to a business one is an easy thing, and it is not restricted to just businesses. On the other hand, you will save on your time by scheduling posts directly to Instagram and enjoy other benefits if you switch to the business account. Some of the best reasons why you should transition to the Instagram business profile include:

Allows tracking performance with Instagram Insights

With an Instagram business account, you can use Instagram’s analytic tools, better known as Instagram Insights. They allow you to see how your content is performing. By clicking at the insights section, you get critical analytics for engagement (likes, shares, and comments), follower information, as well as your reach of people.

You can use the information to decide if you should do anything different like posting at a different time, changing the content and the like. The insights work like Instagram Bot by availing to you relevant data that enables you to create more engagement by changing your strategies or improving on what works.

Enables sharing links in Instagram Stories

Instagram users with business profiles with at least 10,000 followers can add links to their Instagram stories. This feature was until two years ago a preserve of only verified Instagram accounts. It gives the users the opportunity to increase traffic and grow their sales through Instagram stories by sharing them on their websites, blogs and even e-commerce sites (online stores).

This works best for retailers and even publishers. Nevertheless, users using this strategy must tell their followers what to do after sharing their Instagram stories links for it to be effective.

Includes a contact button at the top of the profile

Unlike the personal profile, a business profile comes with a contact button at the top section of the profile. The contact button is of great importance as it helps to add directions, an email address and (or) a phone number. Furthermore, all these are very crucial things for enabling customers to reach the business or an individual.

Use of Instagram’s native shopping function

Instagram’s native shopping function is nowadays a prominent avenue used by business accounts to get new clients and grow their sales although it is mostly indirectly. Most people discover new items through Instagram, and even if they do not buy them at that moment, that is the beginning of the purchase process.

The feature is a great information medium through the discussions that arise from the posts, and those with interest to get more understanding of a product benefit from them. After gathering the information, their decision making becomes easy. To serve this function, the profile owner needs to provide all the relevant information on their Instagram posts.

Make money with Instagram shoppable posts

Users with business profiles can benefit from the shoppable posts feature where they can easily tag product images. However, only a maximum of 5 products per image is allowed. Nevertheless, followers can shop from the organics posts.

Once the users tap on the products tagged in a post, they get to see more product information. Such details include the prices and links to the websites where they will finalize the purchase process. The best thing is that your followers can shop the tagged products by seeing them on their feeds or they can browse them on your profile

Helps growing reach with promoted posts and Instagram Ads

According to the well-known blog BUMPED, promoted posts and ads are superb tools to grow a business reach and increase engagement. An Instagram business profile offers this feature which is not in the personal profile. In a similar way to Facebook ads, with a business profile, you can put up, run and monitor your campaigns thanks to the powerful tools they use. Recent research showed that 75% of Instagram users take action after viewing the ads.

That is they may visit the website or make a purchase. Adding Instagram ads to your marketing strategy is an idea worth considering if you are yet to do so. Why? It is becoming more challenging to achieve high engagement without them.

Technology has become the king of the world. Switching to an Instagram Business account will bring you the benefits discussed above. You can’t afford to miss the benefits attached to Instagram when considering having a better business in today’s changing world.

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