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It may seem perfect on the outside to outsource IT services from experts and professionals. However, the companies outsourcing these services from other companies do not account for the things that must be taken into consideration. The major problem that arises is that IT services are only required in the case of system damage or shut down in an emergency when there is no continuous support from IT companies. 

There are several other reasons why the IT break/fix or on-demand outsourcing model is broken and does not contribute to the company’s growth: 

Hefty expenditure 

Whenever there is a need for IT services, the company requiring the services gives a call to the IT company to fix the damage. IT professionals and experts arrive at the location along with the technicians to analyze the damage, repair, and restore the system and receive remuneration in respect of their services. 

The company does not have a continuous contract with the break/fix IT professional firms. This results in incurring high costs for the vendors. The fees reduce when such professionals are permanently hired or have a continuous contract with the company. 

Real-time emergency 

The system shutdown can bring huge losses to companies. Since almost all industries in the market have shifted their work to digital space, it becomes mandatory to keep IT professionals in the company at all times.  

In cases of emergencies, the staff is required to call IT experts to repair this damage, which consumes a lot of time. This does not only cost the company its loyal clients but also employees. However, it is advised to make contracts with managed IT services NYC to eliminate the problem of wastage of time. 

Unfamiliar with IT systems 

The major reason behind the breaking of the outsourcing model is the unfamiliarity of outside professionals with the internal systems of the companies. It is advised to hire internal IT staff to review and repair the systems installed in a workspace. 

The internal staff likely knows these systems better than the professionals being consulted in case of an emergency. In-house IT employees can ensure the smooth working of the systems. 

Loss in productivity 

It is pertinent that when the computer system of an employee gets damaged or shut down, it costs him his productivity and efficiency. Imagine what would happen if the entire internal system is shut down, the employees shall have no work for the whole day. 

The response time of IT professionals depends upon the company being consulted. The employees shall not be able to work until they reach the location, analyze the damage, and repair the same. This results in loss of work as well as costs on the productivity front.   

The outsourcing model may work for some companies; however, it might not be useful for others. It is a debatable issue whether the break/fix model is broken due to costs, time, or company’s preferences. To deal with this problem, having a continuous contract with managed IT services can be the only foreseeable solution.

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