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Do you remember your first? First Twitter follower, I mean.

new_twitter_logo-300x173Whether you have tens of thousands of followers now or just a few dozen, you started out with the same number as everyone else: zero. And someone had to be number one; the very first person who thought you were worth paying attention to. The first person in the world to click that “Follow” button on your timeline. That person is a hero, really.

If you don’t remember who that person was, though, a tool called First Follower can help remind you.

It works like this: open up the First Follower page in your browser and type your Twitter username into the box provided. Then press the “Enter” key. That’s it. You’ll then be shown who your first follower was, and will be given the option to share that info via Twitter (mine was @MauriceReeves, in case you were wondering).

You don’t have to type your own username into that box, by the way. The tool uses public Twitter data, so you can see the first follower for any non-private Twitter account out there. If you’re wondering who first followed a friend or a celebrity, you can find out quickly and easily.

Twitter just celebrated its eighth birthday last week, and released a tool that lets users see the first tweet from any account. Much like Facebook’s “Look Back” feature, both the First Tweet and First Follower projects are neat journeys into our pasts on the platform. It’s almost hard to believe that eight years have passed since Twitter first showed up; it’s become such a significant part of the way the world communicates, from breaking news to friendly banter. And it seems that, with each passing day, it weaves its way further into our lives.

First Follower is a tool built by SocialRank, a service that provides more information about those who follow you on Twitter. You can get to it by visiting

[h/t TheNextWeb]

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