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The main dilemma of the designer is choosing between two vector editors – the market leaders Corel Draw (.cdr format) and Adobe Illustrator (.ai format):

  • What is the difference between Corel and Adobe graphic editors?
  • Which program for working with vector graphics is more efficient and functional?
  • Which editor is easier to learn to get started soon?

Every beginner is bound to face these questions. There is an epic battle of supporters on professional forums, but there is no universal answer! The choice of a tool for creating vector graphics depends on many factors – from the operating system to the image format.

Let’s look at the details that determine the difference between Illustrator and Corel.

1 Cross-platform

An important factor is software compatibility with your personal computer’s operating system. Here too, the Illustrator has a crushing advantage over Korel: it runs both on Windows and OS X. The Corel Corporation has repeatedly announced the release of a cross-platform product, and it never went away. Therefore, for users of Apple computers, the choice of vector editor is limited only to Adobe products.

Conclusion: an unqualified victory for Illustrator.

2 Functionality

Corel has a convenient interface, an extensive set of brushes and tools for drawing vector graphics, the ability to work simultaneously on multiple pages. There are also built-in editors for photo and make-up. Editor AI in this sense is less universal – for these tasks uses a set of products of the graphics package Adobe: Photoshop and Indesign, as well as ready-made mockups(

A few tips from professionals:

  • CorelDraw has no problems opening .ai files, and the Illustrator does not perceive the competitor’s .cdr format. But CorelDraw has big problems with PDF-compatibility;
  • For offset printing, choose the Illustrator, otherwise, you may encounter “bugs” that are not visible on the monitor during high-precision printing;
  • Corel is an order of magnitude worse than AI can handle the screening. For the raster images moved in a vector graphics environment, it is necessary to choose a combination of editors from Adobe;
  • But DRAW is preferable for modeling of large-format polygraphy – the big advertising posters and billboards;
  • Corel works faster with laser and inkjet printers, it is ideal for operative polygraphy;
  • As for the palette, it’s a matter of subjective preference. AI has brighter, juicier and flashy colors, DRAW has a more natural range of hues.

In summary: Corel is better suited for drawing, preparing models of outdoor advertising, plotters, operational printing. Complex package Adobe is optimum for make-up and modeling of polygraphy of small formats, work with raster, creation of graphics for drains, high-precision offset printing.

3 Easy to learn

At first glance, Corel has a simpler and more intuitive interface. On the other hand, independent acquaintance with graphic design often begins with the bitmap editor Photoshop, after which AI logic becomes more clear.

If you want to start working as soon as possible, the choice of a graphical editor is less important than the system approach. If perseverance, discipline, and responsibility are not your hobbies, self-study will take months. Therefore, it is better to use the help of professionals and enroll in courses.

In summary: Regardless of the software you choose, the courses will save you time and shorten your way to confident mastering the skills of a graphic designer. Having mastered the necessary base, you will be able to continue professional development on your own, experiment with different graphics editors and solve complex problems without limiting yourself in the choice of tools.

Consistency in learning CorelDRAW

The majority of beginning users of the program try to create at once difficult on techniques of performance of work, often being disappointed that, not all at once turns out. And this may be demotivating or disappointing. Answering the question how to learn to work in a Corel, it is necessary to note the main thing – only consecutive study of a program from simple to complex gives an effective result. At first, the interface and settings of CorelDRAW are studied, then the tools of the program are considered, and studying each tool, some creative work is performed showing how to use this or that tool correctly. So, gradually, step by step, we approach to performance of complex, independent graphic works, with each occupation increasing the skill. By the way, at this stage, when we know most of the tools of the program, we can already use some book edition, where there are examples, performing which we can improve our efficiency.

The importance of independent work in CorelDRAW

How do you learn to work in a Corel? The answer is also that after the first lessons with the teacher, we tried to do what we did in the class on our own, or even better – to try to create something of our own, which tells us our fantasy. As a rule, creativity and individuality begin to develop when we begin to understand the whole logic of the program, how, where, in what cases one or another tool can be used. This is a very important aspect in studying the program. So, show your initiative and creativity, only this way you can achieve success in mastering the program.

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