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Since it was made available on October 1, I’ve been using the Windows 10 Technical Preview – and it’s actually been a pretty pleasant experience. Sure, it’s not been perfect, and I’m aided by Chrome’s ability to remember what tabs have been unceremoniously closed and Word’s autosave features, but for the most part I’m enjoying it way more than I ever enjoyed Windows 8’s mishmash. A new post on Neowin today offers up some details on what may be coming down the pike in the next build for the Technical Preview.

According to the post, the forthcoming build will include more animations with a “more polished UI.” Another feature we’d heard about prior to the Windows 10 unveiling on September 30 was the Notification Center – apparently that’ll be coming in the next build as well.

It’s not yet clear when Microsoft will pump out the latest build, but it should be on the way before too long. It wouldn’t be too surprising for a November 1 release date or thereabouts – after all, it’d make a certain amount of sense to see this thing evolve month after month. Perhaps the next build will let me use the Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse app – that’d be nice.

By all accounts, the Technical Preview process is going swimmingly. Microsoft announced this week that over a million users have downloaded the preview and that over 60 percent of those users are using it on actual PCs rather than on virtual machines. That’s a pretty solid milestone to hit for an experimental operating system.

Could Windows 10 turn things around for Microsoft? Will people stop laughing at the company every time they make a new OS? I sure hope so.

[Source: Neowin]

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