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Earlier this month Apple released a new iPad Pro ad named What’s a Computer? The 30 second ad pitches the idea of using an iPad Pro as a true computer replacement — one that let’s you even write on the screen. The iPad Pro is an amazing device, it’s good at many things but at the end of the day replacing your Mac isn’t one of them. You can watch the ad below.

Today, Microsoft has responded to that particular iPad Pro ad with one of their own for the Surface Pro 4 and have aptly named it What’s a computer? Just ask Cortana. As much as I love Apple and the company’s products, including the iPad Pro (which I own) I have to agree with Microsoft’s ad. The iPad Pro isn’t a true computer replacement, but that isn’t due to lack of power, ports, or computing abilities — for me, it has to do with certain limitations of iOS that make it difficult for me to be as productive on an iPad Pro (or any iPad for that matter) as I am on my MacBook Pro.

So credit to Microsoft where credit is due: building a universal Windows 10 definitely has its benefits in the realm of tablet computing. You can watch the Microsoft ad below.

What do you think? Is the iPad Pro a true computer replacement?

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