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Technology is everywhere and almost everyone is benefiting from the convenience of easy access to information, courses, shopping, booking and socialization online. Unfortunately, some people have become addicted to technology, whether it’s social media, shopping, video or computer games, surfing the net or gambling. Technology addiction is real and it has serious consequences.

This does not mean you cannot participate on online betting with sites like UFABET, or download your favorite gaming app. It just means that you should be aware of your actions.

Causes of technology addiction

No one is really sure what causes technology addiction, but it is associated with the easy availability of mobile gadgets and the internet that enable any activity, anytime, anywhere. One known reason is the effect of technology on the pleasure center of the brain by triggering the release of dopamine. The pleasure is real. Gradually, more of the same activity is needed to create the same pleasurable effect, and slowly a person becomes over-dependent on technology. There is also this need to feel competent that leads to excessive game-playing and the need to be liked that leads to over-dependence on social media.

Effects of technology addiction

Technology addiction can lead to sleep disorders as people stay up all night with technology which leads to constant fatigue, which affects athletic, academic, work and social performance. It can lead to social isolation as a person depends too much on technology instead of seeking the company of other people. Students’ grades may be affected as they spend too much time on the internet instead of focusing on studying. Some people who overplay games live in anxiety and depression as they fear losing the game or missing out. Weight gain and heart disease are other possible effects due to a sedentary lifestyle. Relationships suffer as people disconnect while depending too much on technology.

Online betting addiction

Online betting addiction is one of the well-known technology addictions. Gambling is one of the most deceptive of human weaknesses because it gives the impression of easy money and yet it can quickly lead to financial problems. The odds are never in the gambler’s favor, whatever the game is, and the house always wins. This is why gambling is a successful industry. The ability to bet online probably makes it worse because there is easy access to betting any time, and any place, with the use of a credit card and a mobile device.


Addiction can take place when a broke person hopes to solve his problem by gambling the little that he has in an attempt to win big. It can become a cycle of losing, winning small and more betting hoping to hit the big time. Addiction can also happen because some people experience an emotional high when they make risky bets that pay off occasionally.


The result is financial ruin followed by depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation and even suicidal thoughts as a person feels that he has no control over himself. Being broke should stop the addiction but, for some people, it can lead to illegal activities such as fraud, forgery or robbery in order to finance the habit.

Creating a Healthy Balance

Technology is a tool for doing certain things easier, faster and more conveniently, but overuse can lead to addiction and should be avoided. People may not realize that technology addiction has the same adverse effects on the brain as substance abuse, particularly a developing brain. That is why adults must have a balanced approach to technology use. Adults in control can easily teach children about the value of easy access to information for academic purposes, the convenience of shopping online and the dangers of addiction. The children then grow up knowing the limits and may be safe from technology addiction.

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