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Let’s have a quick introduction to the term VPN. It is basically a virtual private network which enables a number of computers (a group of people) or discrete networks to get connected over a public network which is called “THE INTERNET.”

A virtual private network (VPN) is used by huge business enterprises when they want to connect with the remote data centers. Not only the businesses but any individual person who wishes to access any network resource while not being on the same Local area network (LAN) can use the VPNs.

The VPNs are an efficient method of encrypting the conversations, data sharing, and communications if the network resources are being accessed by some unsecured public network.

VPNs are most trusted when it comes to securing the computer’s internet connection. It makes sure that the entire data either being sent or received is encoded and safe from the inquisitive eyes and poky noses.

Things to look for in a VPN

Doesn’t matter which of the VPNs you are acquainted with, either the VPNs provided by your institute, business or workplace in order to let you work in remote locations while being on a different network or the ones you pay in order to surf videos of your favorite music, shows or movies that are restricted in your country for some reasons, All of the VPNS are doing the same job i.e. securing and encrypting your internet connection.

But you must be very clear about some of the points that must be considered while choosing a VPN because people often have misconceptions regarding the selection of the right VPN. That is why we are providing you a clearer picture of what are the certain things that MUST be considered by the users while choosing a VPN in order to work hassle-free under any circumstances.

Is the VPN provider trustworthy?

This is the main factor you must not ignore while choosing a VPN because there are only some VPN providers who are concerned about the privacy of the users’ data, protection of the users’ data and log and are strict about the violation of the rules and sharing information without the knowledge or consent of the user himself.

What are the steps the VPN provider follows to protect my data?

Often the VPN providers have some evident and major security risks like not having the up to date tap drivers for Open VPN, some of them are very likely to leak the DNS information, and the worst part is that there are some of the VPN’s that even display the status of “connection successful” although not being connected due to the connection failure.

Find the fastest VPN provider

Speed is the most important and obvious feature that anyone would want while accessing the VPNs at any cost.

Therefore, make sure to pick a fast VPN who is able to provide you the best quality surfing so that you may enjoy the experience.

Choose the popular VPN provider

When it comes to the trust, quality, and reliability you must not care about the charges. Right? Similarly, you should not risk your data and privacy by handing the situation to any of the unknown or less known VPN providers, so make sure the one you chose is popular enough among the people which would let you have the better experience of using a VPN.

Make sure your VPN adviser is capable enough to provide the following:

Stable and reliable connections – If your VPN provider provides the reliable connection then obviously you would not be worried about the connectivity to the VPN server and it would simply show the trusted connectivity result.

Doesn’t leak the identifying data – There is a major risk of the security in windows because it may be easily misled for revealing and highlighting the IP address of a person a during DNS lookups. So, before choosing a VPN you must ensure that the VPN has its own unidentified DNS server so that your privacy is not compromised at all.

Provides the OpenVPN encryption – This is the most basic need for the industry using VPNs that it must be able to provide the OpenVPN encryption minimum 128 bits. Even the Government of United States uses the 128-bit OpenVPN encryption because it is believed to be the indestructible and strong enough to face the attacks.

Does not record the websites you visit — There is not at all any reason behind the VPN logging your online activities because of course, you are using the VPN to protect and encrypt the information. No? You must make sure that the VPN you are using is not at all saving your internet surfing activities or unless there are the major chances of you being spied on.


In the today’s world of technology, the Virtual private networks (VPNs) are used all over the world, from the single individual personal computer to the huge business organizations but people often fail to chose the right VPN because of the lack of knowledge regarding the process.

Going for the either free or less known and non-trusted VPNs may be risky at times. That is why one should be aware of the key factors that must be put into the considerations while choosing a VPN. The basic factors that make a VPN reliable are the stable connections, trustworthy providers, faster speed etc. Only a few of the VPN providers do care about providing all the facilities to the users.

Hence, in this article, we have explained all the facts that are often been neglected by the VPN users which leads them towards the loss and danger. People must follow the steps explained in order to protect their privacy and secure their online activities as well as access the remote servers while not being on the same Local area network (LAN) peacefully and avoid being spied on by the eagle eyes.

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