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The rising demand for perfect video processing has been met by the ever-popular VideoProc software, created by Digiarty. This is the video editor that is easy to use, offers speed, has a plethora of features and can boost 4K and HD video processing efficiently.

Converting, processing, video editing and downloading can now be just as easy for amateurs as it is for the pros. VideoProc software is lightweight enough to edit video without causing any crashing or freezing, while it is also the perfect tool for professionals to use in conjunction with other professional software.

What are the common problems faced by video editors?

Video processing for 4K and HD converting is a procedure that demands the simultaneous actions of transcoding, compressing, uploading, resolutions and editing. Both amateurs and professionals photographers are looking for faster results, something which a lot of video editing programs lack.

Video editors demand ease of installation for their software programs and also expect features to be updated regularly as video technology advances. They often find that the editing process is slow and that they don’t have quick access to the various features. Expectations are high and they want to have access to all kinds of features. These range from the sophisticated to the most basic that can rectify issues such as distortion, fisheye, shaking, and adding of force subtitles and watermarks. Video editing softwaretoday needs to be credible, reliable, and to have a UI that is user-friendly and easy to learn.

Powerful features that offer solutions

As an easy video editor, VideoProc has proven its popularity in reviews because it is the fastest and easiest video editor for Windows and Mac.

Its Level-3 Hardware Acceleration is fully powered by Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA, allowing for speed in a smooth process that maintains an ultimate video quality. In real-time terms, it is up to 47 times faster as it completes the transcoding and processing.

Its video editing and processing functions allow it to do all the edit basics like trim, rotate, flip, etc. but also includes the advanced options to correct distortions, shaking, background noise. A/V sync, GOP, speed adjust and so much more.

VideoProc is the 4K video converter that converts to all the popular formats and it supports 370 input codecs and over 420 output formats. In the meantime, it can downscale and upscale from 4K to 1080p/720p and vice versa and do other conversions like 3D to 2D, HEVC to H.264, MKV to MP4, and more.

Other useful features

GoPro- style videos can be perfected into high-quality stories for use on YouTube and Instagram. The same applies to any videos shot from DJI, iPhone, Android, camcorders or any other 4K cameras.

Large videos can be compressed to 90% of their size with only a difference in pixel-level quality. Live streams and videos can be downloaded, even through a proxy server, and watched later and it’s also easy to search for subtitles.

Screen recording has never been as easy as this. Podcasts, vlogging and video instructions can be made by using the VideoProc software. People who rely on videos for their interactions with followers, clients or students can now be sure that they are creating the best videos.

The feature that stands out the most is the intuitive interface that allows for easy navigation through the video processing procedure.

A perfect video editing tool for everyone

VideoProc is the ideal software for anyone that works with video and professionals across the globe find that it is the ideal complimentary video editor to use in conjunction with any other advanced software of their preference.  It’s powerful, easy and lightweight features are ideal for everyone’s video processing, converting and downloading needs. Downloading this intuitive tool allows its users to apply all the visual effects that they ever dreamed of, creating videos that are fine-tuned and professional.

With their holiday offer, the software is available at a super price, but the VideoProc lifetime license for subscribers also guarantees their access to free upgrades and tech support.

Final scoop:

Video editing is fun and engaging. It is one of those hobbies where you can make something that is used for many years, invoking special memories of an event or feeling in time. Making sure you use the best possible tools will add to the delight – whether this is a hobby or a job!

This article was produced in collaboration with VideoProc

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