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Artificial intelligence (or automation) is increasing the growth opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses. Bots, especially salesbots, are being implemented by many businesses these days. Previously, an employee or freelancer used to handle operations, but now, chatbots or salesbots have evolved greatly to manage the business activities autonomously.

In this article, we will detail you on what are salesbots and how to automate business using these.

Drawing a fine line between Salesbot and Chatbot

A chatbot is an AI-driven automated program that initiates and carries out conversation with human beings when they visit your page. These bots are specially designed software that automates all kinds of mundane and trivial tasks that you otherwise have to do on your own.

An able chatbot always undergoes and passes a series of Turing test. The test involves firing a set of questions at the bot, to tell apart machines from humans. After successfully passing this test, the bot carries out a chat that resembles a real-life conversation.

But what about a salesbot? Salesbots are a kind of chatbot.

Salesbots are the automated support machines, which are able to handle any number of customers at a time. It can increase your business’s support capacity by multitudes. These can do tasks like making an appointment, ordering food, researching for information, finding logical solutions to simple problems.

These privileged automated solutions were once available to large corporations only. But now, they’re closing the gap for small businesses, which have a relatively small team. Numerous agile sales automation solutions & innovative Sales Bots are out there to help you make the best out of the evolution.

Don’t worry if you own a small business enterprise and cannot afford to have a huge sales team. Chatbots are your go-to option in such cases. It’s a one-time investment that can bring out several potential sales opportunities.

Simply put, they can be the best virtual salespersons for promoting your business.

Chatbot automation for your business – will it help?

AI is all set to cause a drastic paradigm shift in the e-commerce sector, especially, in the customer service department by closing the communication gap between human and software. If you are still in a dilemma of whether to implement a chatbot or not for your own business, then proceed without caution, because it is the right thing to do.

The technology has already been establishing and getting much more grounded with constant improvements with reduced risks. These evolving bots are now trustworthy AI companions that can understand human interactions with ease and continually learn from their mistakes.

The salesbots take some employees tasks (not their role or position). Some of it includes answering simple logical questions and pull a specific website from a search engine when asked for it. They perform mundane and repetitive tasks efficiently and save employees’ time.

The automated and artificially intelligent robots provide great customer service and open a pool of opportunities in the e-commerce domain. The “bot-human” conversations will become more personalized as the chat history between them deepens (if and only if your salesbot can ‘learn’). We might see a time where users can pay directly from the AI platform for their desired product or service. For this to happen, the whole process must be-be effortless and hack-proof.

How to automate your business with Salesbots?

If you are convinced that the bot system can do wonders for your business, then you must be thinking to implement salesbot with your brand’s online identities. The first step to do so is, to determine a goal. Ask yourself: what do you want your salesbot to do for your business?

Before you go ahead and answer this question, consider the products/services offered and the nature of the business you are running.

Your goals must be realistic and doable for the salesbots. For example, let’s consider that you have a business that sells high ticket services. Then, bot systems might not be the right choice for closing the deal. In this scenario, customers might want to have a conversation with a real human first.

But don’t get disappointed yet, as salesbots can still qualify leads, schedule phone call appointments and sell low-cost offers. But, it’s not the case if you are selling a standard product that needs no customization. Let’s say, your products cost under $150, then a salesbots can surely close the deal for you.

If you want to use a bot system as a personal assistant that schedule appointments for you, then third-party integration with help you.

The salesbots can be seamlessly integrated and provide your current sales automation system with a smart AI brain. Don’t use an automated sales system? Fear not, because it has an inbuilt sales automation workflow to meet all your business adequacies.

Advantages of having Salesbots at your service

Bots can be power customer tools when integrated into business models as part of digital strategy. Here are some benefits that one can get through the deployment of chatbots:

24/7 Availability: Salesbots are highly operational and ready to engage with their target audience round the clock and throughout the year.

Excellent Processing Tools: If your business is receiving a lot of queries then a well-trained and built salesbots can handle heavy workloads effortlessly, removing the necessity to recruit a larger workforce.

Real-time Business Insights: Bridges the gap between companies and its users by providing real insights and offering improved promotions to their users.

Reduced Maintenance Cost: Salesbots can help a business save a lot of money if updated regularly.

Improved Customer Service: Salesbots, through data collection and analytics supervise interactions and adjust responses to users accordingly.

Platform Neutral: The strongest suit of salesbots is that they aren’t platform biased. You can very much design and integrate it into all platforms effortlessly.

Time Savers: Salesbots are time savers. They answer companies frequently asked questions (FAQ) and redundant queries. They interact with customers, employees and other users effortlessly.

If you do not own a bot or not building it yet, then you are already behind. You’ll need to hurry and deploy efficient Salesbots to reduce your chat assistants load.

There is one more thing to keep in mind here.

Having a salesbot doesn’t necessarily mean that it can do everything for you. Only a part of your business, irrespective of its size and related to customer services can be automated. Human assistance and intervention are still inevitably necessary at some point.

Leave comments on the post, telling whether or not you are going to deploy salesbot? Why and why not?

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