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What if you could configure your own smartphone.  You know, the same way you can configure your own Mac or PC.  What if you could select how many megapixels your smartphone camera had, what type of flash it used, the amount of internal memory and storage, and the type of wireless (b/g/n) and network technology (3G/4G) it used.  Well, one company seems to be taking this idea and bringing it to a reality.

A German company called Synapse Phones is looking to do just that.  The Synapse Phones site doesn’t look like much right now, but it appears to be legitimate, though it technically isn’t open yet, it appears they will be taking pre-orders soon which will ship in mid-Q1 2011.  This site will probably be more beneficial to those in Europe due to many competitors using similar technologies, but if this is successful in Europe, I could see it making its way into the US market.

Currently all of Synapse’s smartphones have the latest Android 2.2, 1Ghz processor, and sport a 4-inch SuperLCD multitouch-sensitive screen with 480×800 WVGA resolution.  Synapse manufactures all of the phones on a made-to-order basis, similar to the method Dell has used for all these years.  These phones are definitely competitive (feature/specifications wise) with what’s available on the market today.  Which leads me to the question, would you rather have a pre-made phone or the ability to custom configure one?

It’s an intriguing idea.  One that I think has some serious potential.  How long until Motorola or HTC offers this type of option?  It seems like a logical step into the future of mobile devices.

We have sent out an email to Synapse Phones inquiring for more information, we’ll post it once we hear back.

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