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There are many very popular background check services available online. But because there are so many of them, it seems to be very hard to trust a single one of them. When you are looking for companies of such kind, keep in mind that there might be some research that might need to do before using them.

Unlike credit checks and police checks, background check services simply use databases to gather a piece of information about a specific person. There are many reasons why some people would like to use such services, maybe you have someone you lost contact with and you want to know what they are up to, or maybe you are just curious about what is the information available about you. No matter the reason, these kinds of services are very popular among people.

The best part of these services is that it is very simple and easy to do. Also, there is no public record about who was searching about who, so there is simply no harm to using one of these very popular services. The thing that might bother you is that these types of services are mostly limited and they include pieces of information like phone number, place the person lives, etc. If you want to access more detailed information, in most cases, you will have to pay some money for that.

According to Precisesecurity, one of the most popular online background check services is Intelius. Intelius offers one of the most diverse information about people on the market, including their address, phone number, name, and in addition the education that they have.

There are several reasons why people decide not to use such services, including the fact that some of the new entrants on the market have not been so successful, which has resulted in lowering the trust level for other companies as well.

Intelius is a background check service based in Seattle, it offers information about people by accessing a database and other public records. Since having such huge information about the citizens of any country can be a very scary thing, the government of the US works hard to ensure that the information is not used for bad.

As the laws adopted in the US dictate, the background check services can only be used for personal research. According to the laws, one can not use the services to check information about employees, screen individuals for insurance covers, or tenants.

The online background check services are most of the time accurate unless there are no mistakes made with the identity and the provider uses the right sources. You should do some things before starting using any of the background check companies, for example, if you have decided to hire one of them, make sure that they have an accreditation from the Professional Background Screening Association. Also, check if they verify the information they have gathered. One additional thing to make sure that the information provided by the platform is accurate is to check if the company has a physical address and a phone number.


As we have mentioned earlier, Intelius is known as one of the most trustworthy background check providers on the market. The company was founded in 2003, and since then managed to become very popular among many people. It was founded by six former Infospace executives: Naveen Jain, Kevin Marcus, Niraj Shah, Ed Petersen, Chandan Chauhan, and John Arnold.

The company has been named as one of the best providers of information many times and continues to be one of the most popular information checkers online.

There are several subscription options offered by Intelius, including a one-month subscription for $29.95.

US Search

Some people think that because of its old-fashioned design, the US Search is not as helpful as other background checkers. But, in reality, the company has managed to keep its Yahoo circa 1998-like design, and by saving money on its web design, US Search was able to invest the money in search options and they offer one of the most affordable prices on the market.

There are many different pricing options available for any type of user. For example, if you wish to use their services only once, a single report will cost you $2.45 They also offer a one-month subscription option for $19.95 for unlimited searches and many others.


Although it does not include property and business assets, as it is an optional extra at the platform, and there is no option of individual reporting, BeenVerified still is a nice choice for a package that does all of the basics right.

The fees are low and you can find options for a one-month subscription or three-month subscriptions.


PeopleFinders also offers very good services. The service is comprehensive and even has access to some data that other platforms do not offer. Sadly, the service is not available outside of the US. Also, it does not have social media data and has a little higher prices compared to its rivals.

In conclusion, there are many different background check services that you can choose from, just keep in mind that you should get all the information you can have about the platforms before starting using them. There are some risks that can be easily avoided by taking some time to learn more about the field and systems that you might be using.

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