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Nintendo made some pretty big video game news this week. Tesla also surprised us with a car feature we thought was YEARS away. And there’s a battle among streaming services for the rights to a popular 90’s sitcom. Let’s dive into the Weekend Wrap-Up for the full scoop.

Nintendo Working on New ‘NX’ Console, Will Also Make Mobile Games

Nintendo’s Wii U released in 2012, and the company just put out the New 3DS back in February. But that didn’t stop Nintendo from mentioning the new game console its working on — code-named ‘NX’. Nintendo stated that it hopes to tell us more next year, so the system could arrive in 2016 or even 2017. In addition to the NX announcement, Nintendo also revealed that it will begin making mobile games in conjunction with mobile game publisher DeNA. No word on when we should expect Nintendo’s first mobile entry.

tesla-model-s-whiteTesla’s Model S Will Soon Get Autopilot

Self-driving cars are years out, right? Not so fast. A software update for Tesla’s Model S will introduce autopilot, though it’s reported that the feature will be limited to highways for the time being. The update is set to be released in 2-3 months. It’ll be very interesting to see how the feature is received when it arrives, especially in the legal arena.

What’s the Deal with Seinfeld Streaming?

While you’ve been going about your life, a secret battle has been taking place between Hulu, Amazon, and Yahoo. What for? The rights to stream Seinfeld. The entire 180-episode back catalog is up for grabs, and the show could be a huge deal for whatever service ultimately gets it. One thing we know for certain is that you won’t see Seinfeld on Netflix — the company took itself out of the running.

NBC App Coming to Apple TV and Other Platforms

It’s said that NBC won’t be partnering with Apple on its rumored TV service. The company will, however, bring an app to the Apple TV. The NBC app — which will also show up on Fire TV and Xbox — will reportedly give viewers a way to access NBC live streams and on-demand content. But unlike HBO’s recently announced HBO NOW service, NBC’s app will require viewers to authenticate with a cable TV subscription. The app is expected to launch in the second half of 2015.

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