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Every online casino wants to make their user experience the best it can possibly be. They want to create games that draw players into new worlds, and engage them fully in the action. But there’s only so much you can do when you’re communicating with players through a screen. Virtual reality could be the ticket to a brave new world, where gambling experiences are wholly encompassing and immersive, and even the dullest of slots can take on a new lease of intrigue and excitement.

But for some, this doesn’t look like tech with staying power. They call it a fad, and feel like it’s not something we’ll be discussing beyond niche appeal in the years to come. While there’s no crystal ball, it’s worth examining why VR is showing signs that it might just silence the critics, and become a significant development for the industry.

The Emergence of Virtual Reality Gaming

With the tentative launch of early virtual reality technology, there has been speculation as to the myriad potential uses for the medium. Gaming is an obvious use for the technology, and already a beneficiary from those who are most passionate about VR. Gambling seems only a short step away, and the signs are already showing that VR gambling could be upon us in the near term.

Virtual reality gaming has been bubbling for a couple of years, and it seems to be gaining traction. NetEnt have already showcased several concept games, including their popular Gonzo’s Quest at trade shows, which have been incredibly well received. While the experiences remain somewhat limited, and far from being ready for commercial launch, they give some insight into what might be possible in the not too distant future from this technology.

Microgaming too are in on the act, and are at a similar stage in developing their own catalogue around the VR platform. It’s not something you should expect today or tomorrow, but eventually, VR gaming will be at least as accessible as mobile gaming.

The Hurdles To Mass Adoption

Virtual reality is still considered to have only niche potential appeal. Much of the hype around it centers on the idea that maybe one day, everyone will be dipping in and out of a virtual reality world for a variety of user experiences, a new, immersive medium that could become as powerful as the internet. But for many, these claims still feel a little wild, and overly emphasize what will in reality prove to be features with much less appeal.

It’s also going to need a concerted effort from both hardware and software companies to make this happen. They need to get as many consumers on board as possible, and ultimately it’s going to take synergy between the two to make that a reality. These are significant hurdles for virtual reality gaming, none of which depend on the quality of experience. But sometimes the practicalities can still scupper the best of ideas, and there are still some awkward roads to travel for the technology before it can claim to have reached its potential.

How The Industry Is Pushing Uptake

For all there are challenges, it can’t be said that the industry aren’t getting behind it. When you have the likes of and indicating they are behind the technology, you know there’s serious forces working flat out to make this a success. It’s because they recognize the potential tied up in this technology, and because they have the reach and profile to take VR stratospheric.

They are not alone. Game developers are also working on VR games, and concepts have been launched that have been well received, albeit by small audiences. When you think about how far casinos online have travelled from 1994, you see the mass potential in these games for the medium and long-term future. NetEnt and Microgaming are already well on the way to creating compelling offerings for virtual reality, and that can only be beneficial for the future of the VR medium.

The Future for VR

It’s hard to be certain about what the future holds for virtual reality. Some people say it’s a passing fad, while others say that it’s the best thing since the Internet. It’s true that elsewhere, companies like Facebook, Google and others are investing heavily in developing VR experiences, but the challenges still remains – how do you get more VR headsets into more pairs of hands.

If VR can conquer this challenge, it could become huge – it may even completely revolutionize the market for online casino gaming. The possibilities are limitless, and it could prove another serious windfall for the gambling sector in the years to come. Or the doubters might see their vindication, and VR might just prove to be a complete waste of everyone’s time. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

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