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The constant stream of leaks regarding HTC’s forthcoming flagship phone, the All New One, shows no sign of stopping. Today BGR pointed the way to a leaked video showing off HTC Sense 6, the newest version of the handset-maker’s Android skin.

There are a few interesting tidbits that seem to be going on in this video. There are a few different “wake” options to turn your phone on without touching the power button when you pick it up; there’s a double-tap move that wakes your phone up, and there are swipe left, swipe right, and swipe up options that bring up the widget launcher, BlinkFeed, and unlock, respectively. Picking up your phone in landscape mode and tapping the volume down button launches the camera—which is a really convenient feature. My old HTC phone had a dedicated camera button that got me into the camera fast, but not as quick as this particular shortcut probably would.

In addition, the video also seems to show that the All New One will feature a microSD card slot, a feature that’s thankfully becoming more and more standard as time goes on. As much as I’m not a fan of Sense in general, this seems to be a pretty slick version of the Android OS. HTC fans should enjoy it when it shows up for real.

Meanwhile, it’s about a week until HTC actually unveils the device that we’ve seen more of than the already-announced Samsung Galaxy S5. What’s the deal with all of these leaks? At one point in the video, the user gets a Google Hangouts message from someone named “Pickles McPopcorn,” who is apparently a fan of HTC. The message, a preview of which flashes in the top margin of the screen, refers to “Matt,” and the only Matt who lists Mr. McPopcorn in his Google+ circles is this gentleman. Who is he, and is he the maker of the video? And if he is, how’d he get his hands on the phone? Why can’t HTC keep this thing under wraps? Or is this all a marketing ploy to engineer buzz before the official reveal?

[Source: BGR]

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