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An internal Verizon training schedule has been leaked (see after the jump courtesy of PhoneArena).  The schedule titled, “Why Palm?  What is webOS?: Online Training” which was dated December 15th, 2009 would appear to make it that clear Verizon has started a 20-minute long training program to re-introduce Palm and webOS to their employees. The training looks as if it started yesterday (December 15th, 2009) and that will be ongoing until January 4, 2010.

This would go hand in hand with the rumors we have been hearing about Verizon getting the Palm Pre and perhaps even the Palm Pixie. The FCC also just approved (as in yesterday) the CDMA version of the Palm Pixie which also includes WiFi. We may be seeing Palm devices on Verizon very soon. Which would be very nice considering I still need to upgrade my Verizon phone. Maybe I’ll get a Pre instead of an Android phone. Thoughts?


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