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The Verizon FiOS TV app for Xbox One has finally arrived — at least, its download page has. The app, which will let you watch live, streaming TV on your Xbox One console, isn’t quite ready for download (UPDATE: the app is now available). But that apparently didn’t stop the page from going live with screenshots and a description of the app’s features.

xbox-one-fios-1The app, a small 11.5 MB download, will obviously require you to be a subscriber to a Verizon FiOS TV package. A look through the screenshots has me thinking it’ll operate a lot like the FiOS app that’s available for the Xbox 360. You won’t be able to view any local channels through the streaming app, and you probably won’t get the full line-up you’re used to on your cable box, but you can watch a decent number of channels.

If you have your FiOS cable box hooked up to your Xbox One, this app might not be all that useful for you — that is, unless you want to watch two shows at once, which is totally possible if you snap TV in with the FiOS app. If your Xbox One is located in another room and you don’t have a FiOS box attached, though, you can get the same functionality as a cable-box connected Xbox One — for instance, snapping the FiOS app as you’re playing a game, or vice versa.

You can visit the apps section of the Store on your Xbox One console and find the Verizon FiOS app in the New Releases category. We’ll keep trying for the download and update you when it’s finally available.

Update: Literally seconds after this post went live, the app’s download became available. You can get it by selecting the “Get It Free” option on the app’s page in the Xbox One Store.

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