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In an effort to reinvent the phone number, Sprint announced today that in a partnership with Zoove, the company is rolling out the ability for customers to have their own vanity phone numbers. The vanity phone numbers will run you $2.99 per month, but in return, will allow you to have super easy to remember phone number.

The vanity numbers start with ** and allow you to select an additional suffix. For example, if I was lucky and signed up for the service early enough, I could grab **Jeff. Of course, as more and more people sign up for the service, obtaining a great StarStar number will be tough. Zoove is also planning to partner with other major US wireless carriers to provide the same service, so if you’re a Sprint customer and are interested in this — now is the time to sign up.

Sprint has already released an Android app, that gives the user control over their StarStar Me account, and has an iOS version in the works. The app will also let you block numbers, customize an automatic reply text message for calls you don’t answer, and link your social media accounts to your StarStar Me profile.

Sprint customers who are interested in the new service can dial **63 (**me) on their Sprint phone or visit the website to sign up.

(Via TechCrunch.)

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